Thursday morning had my usual walk but no breakfast so guessed we were going on a trip. I was right as we loaded up the campervan and went off to the coast to a place called La Linea de la Concepcion, parked up the van and then they told me I was going abroad to a foreign country so I had to get my passport out. Well we got all the passports ready walked into a place called Gibraltar which is apparently part of the UK. I was getting quite excited by now but when I walked past the border police they just ignored me. I was well miffed and felt like giving then a good barking to but kept quiet. This was all new to me lots of shops and people and traffic. Anyway I enjoyed my little walk and went back to the campervan after being ignored by both UK and Spanish border police. The next day we went back to Gibraltar and I was ignored again but this time I was so miffed I did a poop in the middle of the airport runway , that showed em. As we were walking along this chap offered to drive us up to the top of the hill for 20€ each and I could go free, when we told him we were walking up he said that I could get attacked by the monkeys , we thought it was a bit of a rip-off so said no thanks. We then started walking up a hill (what’s new) but after a few minutes I heard the Deemings moaning it seems that they had to pay a euro each to walk up the hill, what a rip-off. Anyway they paid up and we started up the hill, we eventually arrived at the top of the hill by a chairlift and some nice Spanish men said to be careful as the monkeys were dangerous and last week they killed a dog. They tried to get us to pay 8€ and go back down the lift to save my life but I said to the Deemings not to bother as I could look after myself. So we turned round and went back down another way we did see a lot of monkeys but they didn't try to attack me, I think they were too scared of me if you ask me. We managed to get back to the campervan without me having to deal with the monkeys. The next day we went to a place called Tarifa which was very nice and we had a nice long walk along a lovely sandy beach (the sign said no dogs but there were about a million on there so off we went) .I had a great running in the sand but refused to go anywhere near the sea. We then went a walk round a castle and the man at the gate asked the Deemings had retired, which they have of course, so they got in free but I was tied up at the gate as he wouldn’t let me in. Anyway I let them tie me up and they went a walk round the castle but I kept seeing them and barked when I did it was great fun. The next day we went inland from the coast to Jimena de la frontera where we walked into the hills, today we encountered loads of cows. I was OK but Chris was really scared of them but I didn't bark or create too much fuss and we didn't get into trouble. The next day we went to a little village called Benarraba where we did a little walk and it was cold and windy and I met a new friend who looked very much like my best friend Tilley and he had a nice coat on but im too hard for one of those and would bite the Deeming if they tried to put one on me. We came home after the walk to find that it had snowed on the hills around Trabuco and it was much colder than when we left on thursday and we wished we had stayed at the coast where it was warmer.