La Maroma

It all started nicely on saturday morning. We met up with some friends in the main plaza in my village and walked over to Rosario. When we got back the Deemings loaded up the campervan and off we went to Canillas de Aceituna. Next morning we went on a walk on the trails around La Maroma and because I had been good they let me off the lead. So I did my usual trick of not getting close to them so they could catch me. When they stopped for lunch I wouldn't go anywhere near then so didn't have any food or drink doh how stupid is that. Anyway I got a scent of something up the hill so off I went after it, it must have been mountain goat or a rabbit. Never got anywhere near it but I made a lot of noise barking felt really grown up. Anyway I still wouldn't let them catch me but after about 6 hours walking at a bend in the track there was a shed and Chris had hidden in there and Cyril was round the corner so I was trapped. So I just sat down and let them put the lead back on. The next day we went for another 5 hour walk and they keep me on the lead nearly all day, but towards the end of the day the lead came off the collar so I got away but was a bit tired so only ran around for a little while and then sat down and let Chris put the lead back on. Then on Wednesday we walked with a group of english people again up Alto del Fraile, which is a bit steep so they let me off the lead again so that I wouldn't pull them over. I had a great time as just after they let me off I spotted some mountain goats which I chased all over the mountain but could not get anywhere near them as they are better rock climbers than me, but I scared them with my ferocious barking. I eventually met up with them when they were on the top having some lunch. I would not go anywhere near the Deemings just in case they put the lead on but did get a bit of apple from one of the group. We then started going down the other side of the mountain and I walked with the group for a while but then got a scent of something and lost contact with the group. As the mountain is close to my old friends at Villa Alta I decided to make my way down there as I knew that they still had a soft spot for me and would look after me until the Deemings came to find me. Well I was right my friends at Villa Alta were really nice to me (I knew I could rely on them) and one of them phoned the Deemings to come and pick me up. I was really tired when I got home so went straight to bed.
Love Scoobie