Visit to Vet

Well all has been quiet recently as I have been kept on the lead all the time. Sunday 6th was a bit funny though as I didn't have any food after 12 noon but I was quite full anyway. Then when I went to bed Sunday night they took my water away too. I was a bit worried the next morning when I went for my usual walk first thing and they didn't give me any food or water but I just kept quiet and lay down in my basket. Then about 11:30 they took me to see this man who I didn't like as the last time I saw him he stabbed me with something sharp. Well wouldn't go with him for a start but he started being nice to me so I eventually went with him. He was nice to me for a start then he stabbed me again with something sharp and I don't remember anything else. When I woke up the next day I had a silly thing on my neck which looks like a lampshade and I felt a bit groggy. Eventually the Deemings came and picked me up and gave me some food, I was starving. They have been taking lots of pictures to make me look stupid in front of my mates but I am enjoying myself as they are letting me sleep a lot instead of going for walks in the hills. I will be glad when I can get this lampshade off though as I keep banging it on everything. Well I must go and have another lay down now speak again soon.
Love Scoobie