more fun and games in the Alpujarras

Hi all sorry about the delay since my last post but I have been away on holiday and the computer broke. Thanks to our friend David the computer is now working again. Well I have been on holiday to the Alpujarras very exciting it was too. I overheared the Deemings saying that they were going to climb the highest mountain in the Iberian Peninsula which sounded a bit scary but what the heck anything for a laugh. Well first of all we had to drive up this track similar to the one to Villa Alta but a bit worse and it was about 20k and surrounded by forest. After about 10k the track was blocked by a gate and it was not going to be opened for a few hours so we decided to park up and walk along the track passed the gate to make sure the campervan would make it. Well I was walking nicely with Cyril so Chris persuaded him to let me off the lead. What fun we had I was running around having a great time just like Tilley does when she get loose at Villa Alta. Well we walked for a couple of hours and when we got back to the campervan there was a picnic area next to the gate and I thought I would rather run off and play in the forest than get back in the campervan. Well the Deemings didn't think it was funny. They tried to catch me for 2 hours then decided that they would have to go now as the gate was going to be closed and they would not be able to do the walk but I still wanted to stay in the forest. So they called my bluff and drove through the gate and I started running after them (it was ok as they were going really slow) but I still would not let them catch me. Eventually we met some people on horses they were British and had a really nice dog so I decided I wanted to play with the dog now. Well I heard one of the horse riders say that they would take me back to their stables and the Deemings could pick me up tomorrow. So the Deemings went off to do their climb (phew got out of that one). Anyway can't say what happened that night but I spent the night in the forest. When they came back down from the mountain they decided to stop after going through the gate and have a cup of coffee and have a look around the picnic area to see if I was there. Well I was there and they spotted me begging food of some nice Spanish woman. Well I though I would play hard to get again and messed them about for another 2 hours before finally feeling sorry for Chris who was grovelling on the ground trying to get me to come back. So I let them put a lead on me again. It was quite nice really as I got to sleep in my nice bed in the campervan but I dont think they will let me of the lead again for some time. The next day they did get there own back on me as I had been rolling in some lovely brown stuff that cows drop on the ground in the forest I was a bit smelly, so they put me in a freezing cold font and tried to wash me but I did put up a good fight and pretended to bite Chris. Today they took me to the vets whoopee what a blast that was. I let him give me one injection but when he tried to do a second one I tried to bite him and jump off the table so they put a mussel on me and gave me the other one but I got my own back on the vet by sh*****g on his table hehe. I also have my own passport now so I will be able to go on more holidays if I play my cards right and don't run off again. Anyway have to go now as i'm a bit tired because after the vets experience they took me shopping in Malaga and then to the beach.
Speak soon
Scoobie xx