first camping holiday

Hi All,
Just an update to let you know how I got on at my first camping trip. Well Monday morning started a bit different, instead of breakfast then a little walk I just had a little walk, then went back to bed for a little kip while the deeming busied themselves loading up the car. They then woke me up (still no breakfast) we we all drove off to a campsite near Nerja then I had breakfast. I was then just lying down for another kip when we all got back in the car and drove for a bit till we got to a river (rio Chillar they said it was called). So we parked up and started walking then they started walking in the river, well I didn't think much of that it was only up to their ankles but it was up to my chin. It started getting deeper and when we got to a waterfall that was the last straw. I stopped and refused to go any further so Cyril picked me and carried me up it (thanks mate) and we carried on for a bit longer until the river go too deep even for them so we turned back (thank god). It got better later on we went out for a meal and I even got some bits of fish ( well mostly skin). Next day out walking again to the same place but this time I quite liked walking in the river cause it was boiling hot. But they had a great idea instead of walking along the flat riverbead they went straight up a hill phew it was hot at least they let me off the lead but I didn't run off. Next day they decided to take me to a beach, didn't know what a beach was, no way was I going in the sea, but they did try to drag me in. At last we came home so I can have a rest.
See you soon
Scoobie xx