Back to Vets!

Went to vets yesterday to have my stitches out........the vet said it wouldn't hurt but it did so I peed on vets table and on Christine, would have bitten Cyril and the vet but they had put a mussle on me..........thought I was getting my lampshade off but the vets said at least another 4 days..........went for a walk today with Chris & Cyril it was quite short as the track we were following was blocked by gates so we had to go back to the car. Well because I still had the lampshade on I had to get in the back instead of the front as there wasn't enough room in the front. But it was too high for me to jump up so they were pulling me and my collar came off so I was free yippee. Well did I give them a run around. I went up the track we had just walked to play with a nice dog that we had found gaurding some chicks........but I wouldn't let them catch me eventually they drove off slowly and I ran after the car it started raining but I was having a great time running wild in the olive groves after a couple of hours I was getting tired so as I got close to the car I climbed up a bank and then let them catch me as I was too tired to run anymore. Don't think they were very happy and I was Knac****d so I got back in the car. I was very muddy as I had been running around the olive groves in the rain. When we got back they got their own back they chained me up on the drive and hosed me down. Burrrr it was so cold i tried to bite them again but could not get close after that i just went to bed sulking.
love scoobie