What's my name!

Hi all,
This is from Scoobie (aka lady,stray dog). I am going to try to setup a Scoobie blog to keep you up to date on my progress, adventures. Thank you for looking after me when I was in Villa Alta I dont know if this is a good move or not living here in Trabuco with the Deemings. I am a bit kn******d at the moment they are making me walk everyday but I got my own back this morning I escaped and ran into the forest I had them running after me for about 30mins so that was good fun.They did feed me when we got back to the house but there are no bones here cos they are veggies!!! so it is just dry food but I suppose it is better than nothing. I got the Deemings to take a couple of pics of me hope you like them.
love scoobie