Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Saturday Walk 15th February 2020

Hi this weeks walk is on tracks around Salinas. It is easy and flat but about 12k. It is dog friendly with no road walking at all. Meet at the layby opposite La Paloma on the a333 between Salinas and Iznajar to start the walk at 10:30.
Distance:- 12k
Grade:- Easy
High gain/loss :- 56 metres
Duration:- 2 hours 45 minutes

Monday, 27 January 2020

Saturday Walk 1st February

To commiserate leaving the EU we will be doing a walk around Trabuco to try to cheer everybody up. It is a short but undulating route on good tracks. Non residents may need a visa just in case. The walk is dog friendly apart from a couple of road sections where they will need to be on leads.
Meet near the bar in Trabuco next to the petrol station at 10:45 to pool cars and drive to the start.
Distance 8.7k
Difficulty easy, medium 
Height gain 154 metres
Duration of walk 2 hours 30 minutes

Some of the sights that you may see on the walk. Don't worry we will not be going up any of the hills or having any bacon sandwiches. 

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Saturday Walk 23rd November 2019

Well it is still raining here in Trabuco. Looking at the forecasts it may stop by 10 am but they have not been very good just lately. We will be at bar Talillas at 10:30 but maybe just drinking coffee, if it stops we will do a little walk, so if  you want to join us bring your cag and see what happens. Cyril & Chris

Monday, 18 November 2019

Saturday Walk 23rd November 2019

This Saturday we will be doing a walk around Trabuco. It will be on good tracks and is dog friendly. We will start from Venta Talillas in Trabuco and the first hour of the walk is uphill but then it just becomes undulating.  It is well worth the effort for the wonderful views.  Meet at Venta Talillas to start the walk at 10:30. 

Walk grade:- Hard/Medium 
Time:-2 hours 45 minutes
Height gain/loss:-280 metres

Monday, 14 October 2019

Saturday Walk 19th October 2019

This weeks walk is flat and easy.
Starting from near Casa de La Artesania on the a-333 Salinas to Iznajar road along good tracks towards La Bobadilla Hotel, doing a loop around the hotel then back to the start. The walk is about 9k and should take about 2 hours. The walk is dog friendly. Meet on the waste ground near to Casa de La Artesania to start the walk at 10:30.